Mid 2017 – it’s been over a year

I apologise – it’s been over a year since my last blog!!! Needless to say it’s been busy and a lot has happened:

  • Renovations completed – CHECK
  • Ceramics business up and running – CHECK
  • Son started high school – CHECK

I’ll aim to give you some snippets of key highlights of the past year, and write about ideas and things to come.

The journey continues

A few weeks ago I decided to quit the corporate world. Big news!

I have always been 24×7 when it comes to work, so it has taken me a while to adjust to a slower paced life. But I am loving it, loving the chance to get some head space again and really think about what I want to do next.

My focus now involves:

  1. Spending more quality time with my growing son, and being the best mum possible
  2. Finding a job that I know will make me happy and still continue to challenge me
  3. Keeping healthy
  4. Focusing on continuing to grow my ceramic skills
  5. See what business is out there for me which can see me through to my latter part of life

File 19-02-2016, 11 51 25 AM

Getting better at ceramics!

I can’t believe it’s end of year already. It’s been a while since my last post, but it’s been absolutely crazy busy with work and family.

Even though it’s been busy with travel, I made a concerted effort to make time to continue ceramics. I have found a studio close by to home where I can drop in anytime to practice and create. It makes such a difference to be in the company of such professional and brilliant ceramicists. The encouragement and inspiration that comes from this community is amazing.

Some of the things which I have created in this new studio.

Ceramics Dec 2014

Looking forward to 2015!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year for now.

Still luvin’ clay!

I have been doing ceramics at least once a week for six months now and absolutely loving it! My work does not come out perfect, but at least I feel comfortable working with the material to venture into some experimentation.

ceramic plates again Aug 2014

Glazes are a world to their own. I didn’t realise there was so much science behind it, yet the lack of control you have when something goes in the kiln and waiting to see what reactions occurred when the item comes out is another amazing and fascinating event.

ceramic plates Aug 2014

Ceramic bowl and plate

I went to the studio the other day and finally picked up some finished ceramics which I was happy with!

bowl 2

Managed to visit an old school friend whom I haven’t seen for a few years and gave her the plate pictured below. It was so nice to be able to give someone a special present which was handmade – it makes it so much more special. And I think she liked it 🙂


whiteplate 1

Cute little pillows

I managed to pull out the sewing machine a few weeks ago to make these cute little pillows for some armchairs.

pillow 2 pillow 4

They are very easy to make, some basic steps below:

Pillow insert:
To make the pillow insert, I simply sewed two pieces of fabric together and then filled with stuffing. Close the pillow insert by sewing the remaining opening.

Cut 2x pieces of square fabric
Sew 3 sides together
Attach buttons or some other fastener of your choice to the fourth side for easy removal of case

Did you make those?

Some things which I have managed to make this month where the shape is decent and the glaze is ok! Not perfect but getting there.

My Ceramics Board June 2014

The above items in the picture include:
– a bowl with clear, iron oxide and pearl white glaze
– coffee cup with clear and pearl white glaze
– bowl with clear and pearl white glaze

I know it is a lot of clear and pearl white glaze, but I have to find ways to use it as I bought a bucket of each from my ceramics teacher 🙂

I took these items into a coffee shop with me the other day after collecting them from the studio and the waitress asked if I made them and if ceramics was my profession. I admitted that it was only a hobby and I have only just started but it was such a nice feeling to have people notice your work.