Handmade goods – supporting Women at Work

My find for the day …

handmade toy 1 handmade toy 2

I went to visit a client today and they were holding a stall in their foyer which was selling handmade goods supporting women who wanted to make a living in their craft.

handmade toy 3

I bought some great items and at a very reasonable price! The toy cat is made from recycled fabric which I absolutely love as it supports sustainable living. It will also make a great present for a friend who just delivered a new baby.

Some more great ideas for things to make!

Getting dirty with clay

My Ceramics Board May 2014

For the past few weeks I have been coming home every Saturday afternoon covered in dry clay from my ceramics class. Geez it’s a great feeling, very relaxing and fun … sometimes I even come home exhausted from a few hours of trying to create something.

During the week, I am often busy living my corporate life: dressed in suits, meeting with clients and managing my business territory. I enjoy many aspects of this corporate life, such as being able to plan and execute achieving goals, negotiations both with customers and internal, and also managing and working with people. However, it is nice to also be able to indulge in something where you can get your hands dirty and make something from scratch. What I would consider indulging in the artistic type of creative.

Maybe someday, with much persistence and a lot of learning – my getting dirty with clay sessions will produce an absolutely gorgeous piece that I would be proud to display at home!

Handmade books


With most people owning digital devices these days and having ready access to wifi, it is sometimes nice to feel the pages of something real like a book or newspaper.

In January 2013, I wanted to make some small changes to our life which included trying to live more simply and indulge in the art of making things as opposed to just buying things you need. The result was that I ended up taking a book binding course in that year and have been experimenting with different paper creations. It is very relaxing working with paper, especially if you are the sort of person that can immerse yourself and get lost in what you are doing in a given point of time. You also often end up with something beautiful.

This photo is something I just created this week. You can visit http://www.carriageworkshop.etsy.com to look at more items.