How did you get started?

Many people ask me how I got started with ceramics. And to be honest, the answer is not a profound calling! The truth is, I got started with ceramics because I had enough of constantly buying stuff online and thought to myself ... surely it would be easy to make myself a dinner set.

With a new goal at hand, I spent all night trawling through the internet trying to find a pottery course close by ... finally found one ... enrolled in the next available course ... and patiently waited for the first day to arrive. This was back in early 2013.

After my first lesson I was addicted. However, it wasn't easy! The first pieces I made were awful, but at the time, I thought it looked great :-) Surely this thing I have just made could pass as a cup, and surely I can make 8 of these exactly the same.

Well, over four years on and my family is still waiting for our dinner set made by me and also a set of matching cups to drink from. They could be waiting for a while. We only use seconds/samples at home!

I have never looked back from that first lesson. I have found a new passion where I can create, really slow my thoughts and pace of living. I am also honoured to be able share the beauty of handmade with you, which I hope you all enjoy.


learning to throw

learning to throw