Home made cleaning products

So today I finally got my act together and starting cleaning my house with homemade cleaning products.

It actually started a few weeks ago, when I began using Eucalyptus oil and water to clean my floors, both timber and concrete. I was sick of buying cleaning products, going through them really quickly and then having to buy more products all over again. Not to mention the waste, but the cost of cleaning was and required shelf space to store was increasing. So much for my drive to live simply!

I always have eucalyptus oil on hand (great to put in steam to drive away colds and the winter lurgy), with it’s great anti-bacterial properties, I thought why not just start using it to clean the floors. It works wonders! Just mix with some water, spray or pour on the floors and mop away. It also leaves the house smelling divine and fresh.

After searching on the internet for homemade cleaning products and a trip to my best friend Chemist Warehouse, I came home with a few items to help me get started on my cleaning concoctions.

The following is an Apple Cider based General Cleaner which I put together and have just used to clean my bathroom and kitchen. I’ll look to use it for the whole house, once I get the motivation to clean again :-)

General Cleaner

In a spray bottle, mix equal parts apple cider vinegar and boiled water.
Add a few liberal drops of eucalyptus oil.

Shake well and clean away!!!

general cleaner 1.JPG

General Cleaner

apple cider vinegar, water, eucalyptus oil