Simple living decisions

It’s always important to make time to reflect and try to figure out what next for the next few months. Whether you are trying to live a much simpler life or just trying to live, taking time out is key to surviving and being happy.

city scenes of my hood

city scenes of my hood

For me, I had a first full quarter with my new team and new strategy which has worked well, I have closed off a menacing issue that has been going on for the last three years of my life, and I have managed to relinquish and extra business activities which were causing unnecessary pressure.

Now I feel like I am finally in a mental and healthy position to enjoy life again and plan for the upcoming year. Yes, it’s nearly 2019 … can you believe it?

No matter what comes to play over the next few weeks and months, I know for a fact that I will continue to follow living a simple life - learning to live without rather than never being satisfied and wanting. My focus will now be back on my home and family.

How am I doing or starting this?

  • continue to clean and throw out things that our family do not need or have not used in over a year

  • stop buying commercial cleaners and making my own (I so love this and the house smells amazing every time I use my new homemade cleaning products)

Over this coming week, I am going to start planning our meals and grocery shopping again. I haven’t been doing much real cooking lately and I kinda miss it! I’ll share how that goes with you in a few weeks.